Hotels in London

London is not only the capital city but also the most populous city of England. As such London is a tourist hub with many hotels. There are many types of hotels in this region such as; five star, four star, budget, hostels, bed and breakfast, aparthotels, studio apartments, family rooms, single rooms and even hostels. There are many forms of accommodation arrangements available even for those wishing to set up a camp.
Below are some of the fun facts about hotels in London:

The biggest hotel in London has 1,630 rooms. It also happens to be the largest hotel in the UK. It is called Royal National Hotel and is closely followed by Hilton London Metropole Hotel which has 1,058 room. The latter is the biggest 4 star hotel in the region.
The smallest hotel is not known but it could be 40 Winks which is on Mile End Road.
London Hilton is the tallest hotel in London and is located on park lane. Towering at 331ft, it has 453 rooms and 28 floors.
London Hilton might be the tallest hotel but not the highest. Favored by altitude and occupying the 34th -52nd floor of Renzo Piano’s skyscraper, the Shangri La Hotel is said to be the highest hotel in London.
Sunborn London hotel is also known as the floating hotel in London because it is located on a yacht.
Whereas beauty is a matter of opinion, Guoman Tower is said to be the ugliest hotel in London. In 2005 and 2006, it was voted to be the 2nd ugliest building in London.
Some hotels in this regions have been said to be haunted in mystical legends. There is no way of telling whether the legends are true or not; that is why they are legends. Many ghosts have been said to haunt them such as; the ghost of a German prince and a vampire hunter in Langham Hotel and the Great Eastern Hotel respectively.
The overall performance of the hotel industry last year dropped due to a number of reason such as:
Lesser major events were hosted in the city in that year compared to the previous year
Suppressed growth of ADR and negative occupancy due to new supplies in the market.

Projections have however indicated that 2017 will be a good year for the sector. Some of the factors that will influence this positive change include: the growth of gross domestic products, expected increases in consumer product indexing as well as investment activities, and domestic demand. Therefore it will suffice to conclude that the future of London’s hotel industry looks bright.