London Escort Experience

The escort industry in London is booming now more than ever. The city is the most toured for business trips or even for fun. As the visitors come in, the London agencies can offer them all the fun with the best female companions. The girls working in these industries make a lot of money, but this comes at a cost. One of the challenges faced by escorts is the addiction to drugs such as cocaine. Some clients that come are used to taking drugs, and as most policies of the agency ensure customer satisfaction, you as the escort is supposed to satisfy the client even if it means taking drugs. You find that you booked to a party for longer with a client that needs a companion to take drugs with, especially cocaine.

Another challenge I faced was frequent STDs because even though I used condoms, they break, and I’m bound to get infected . Fair enough, there are frequent flyers sexual health services offered to the sex workers in London that saved a big deal.

Is it the same with male escorts?

Female escorts have different experiences from male experiences. Personally, my decision to become an escort was based on a documentary I watched about a male escort who had worked for about thirty years in this line of work. I was telling myself if a man can do this, then it will be easy for me. I decided to do it. However, after having a few experiences, I realized that working as a sex worker is not all about sex. You are supposed to take the client out, and other times you only accompany them to big conferences. Others will only want sex and nothing more. As an escort, you are required to be flexible such that you can comfortably do any task you are asked to perform. Most importantly, you can be called upon any time of the day, and you should be available.

I was attracted mostly by sex and money to this job because I liked to do all the wildest things in sex and even go to nice places. Can you imagine by offering to go to a nice place you get paid? It is more like a social life because you interact with different people and relate to people’s likes and dislikes.

Revealing to my parents that I was a prostitute was the most challenging part of this job. Most people have strong perceptions of sex work. Some say that it is illegal, others seedy, and many people think prostitutes are forced into sex. With a lot of stigma surrounding this line of work, I choose to ignore it and do what my heart desires to do. In his documentary, the London escort man said that the far he had come was because he didn’t concern himself with the negativity around him but focused on the positive. For now, none of my friends or family knows about me and this job, and I don’t intend to let them know.

In conclusion, prostitution is a career like others that demands your time, attention, and, most of all, commitment. Regardless of what people perceive, it indeed has its drawbacks, but the positives are more.

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